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Athletes of all types.  Be better. 

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Executives at any level.  Do more.

Life between lives.  Understand you.

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“Hypnotherapy is your means to find your own inner compass.”

~ Susan Monson

What is Hypnotherapy?


If you are new to hypnotherapy, you may wonder what it is, how it works or if it's safe.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is simply the use of hypnosis to assist in the change of behavior, of understanding, the release of emotion and old patterns, and to support the client with incorporating new ways of being.  It's a relaxed state which allows you to gain the knowledge you seek from your own deepest resources, the subconscious mind, or as I refer to that part, your inner wisdom.  In order to get powerful and lasting results from therapy, the inner wisdom must be reached.

Hypnotherapy can be used on any human being, regardless of vocation.  It, therefore, works well with executives, athletes and coaches, medical professionals, politicians, teachers, business owners, factory workers, retired folks, police officers and YOU.

Hypnotherapy is used effectively to:

Ease or eliminate chronic pain. 

Relax and reduce stress and anxiety.

Release unreasonable fear.

Attain restful sleep.  

Replace old habits with new positive ways of taking care of yourself.

Rid yourself of excess weight.

Optimize your talents and skills. 

Improve your sporting abilities.

Quit smoking.

Heal childhood trauma, PTSD, etc.

Strengthen self-esteem.

Increase optimism and self-motivation.

Renew/Build internal confidence. 

Each session is personalized for you.

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This book is for adults who want to do the best possible parenting!  The book covers parenting of: young children, teens and adult children.  It describes scenarios as well as solutions in dealing effectively with each age level.  It's a great support for any adult involved with children!  It is recommended reading for parents, grandparents, teachers, counselors and pediatricians.  Parenting Secrets is also a great resource for school guidance counselors.

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Susan Monson Hypnotherapy

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