Professional Fees



A Counseling session is scheduled for 50 minutes.  The fee is $220 per session when using insurance, in-network or out-of-network, and a co-pay when applicable.

At present, I'm in-network only for BlueCross/BlueShield Insurance, not including Federal Insurance administered by BCBS.

When you choose not to use insurance, but to pay cash or by credit card, a discount is given.  The fee is then $140, beginning January 6, 2020.



A Hypnotherapy session fee is the same as a Counseling session, see above.

Method of Payment:


Payment may be made by cash, credit card and/or qualifying insurance coverage at the time of the session.

No checks will be accepted.


"Not everything that can be counted  counts, and not everything that  counts can be counted."


         Albert Einstein (1879-1955)             

"Hypnotherapy is your  means  to find your own inner  compass."


                Susan Monson  

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